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Hello out there.

I hope everyone is well. I haven’t used this blog in a while but I now plan to change that. My aim is to share some of my creative process as I make my way to the directors chair in film, television, music videos, commercials and theatre. Since a young age I have aspired to work as a professional director. Storytelling has always been a huge passion and a need in my life, so after much thought becoming a director seemed the best choice of career.

I have recently directed my first (LoFi) music video. Since making that video I have decided to re-visit music videos I have enjoyed over the years and compile a list. I feel it is a good practice to look at the things that have caught your eye over the years. Looking at this list I see I am drawn to interesting and bold concepts that are either serial, comedic or challenge the form of music video itself. Even though I have only just directed a music video I have worked on them for many years, first as production manager then producer, as well as cinematographer. As we all know budgets are tight but with a strong idea one can still produce amazing videos with few resources. That said you can produce stunning and memorable videos with decent and realistic budgets. I am still amazed that there are people out there (independent artists and some labels typically) who want to make massive videos for next to nothing. I once spoke with an artist who wanted to do a music video set in a church, with a full choir, smoke, wind and rain effects, the use of cranes, dollies and for the whole thing to be shot on a Red Camera. When we finally got to the budget he told me he only had £500. I said to him he would be lucky to get a Red Camera kit for that price (This was 2009). Needless to say that project did not happen, which was a shame as it would have looked great if he had the budget to back up his concept. There is no set cost for a music video, it typically depends on the idea and the budget the artist has, but everyone should realise that the main cost is not the technology to make the video it is the talent who bring the video to life. If you skimp on that cost you will have an inferior video.


This is my list of music videos I love. I am sure this list will grow as I remember more or see new ones that catch my eye.

And sorry for the Yello bias 🙂


The List:

Yello – “Of Course I’m Lying” (Dir: Dieter Meier)

Yello – “Lost Again” (Dir: Dieter Meier)

Yello – “Desire” (Dir: Dieter Meier)

Fever Ray – “When I Grow Up” (Dir: Martin De Thurrah)

Royksopp – “What Else is there” (Dir: Martin De Thurrah)

Thomas Dolby – “The Toadlickers” (Dir: Paul D) * I worked on this one as Co-Producer and B-Cam

Thomas Dolby – “She Blinded Me With Science” (Dir: Thomas Dolby)

Thomas Dolby – “I Love You Goodbye” (Dir: Jonathan Teplitzky )

Bastille – “Of The Night” (Dir: Dave Ma)

Spoek Mathambo – “Control” (Dir: Pieter Hugo)

Roots Manuva – “Witness The Fitness” (Dir: Mat Kirby) 

The Vaccines – “I Wish I Was a Girl” (Dir: Yousef Eldin)

Beastie Boys – “Sabotage” (Dir: Spike Jonze)

Yello – “Tremendous Pain” (Dir: Dieter Meier)

The XX – “Island” (Dir: Saam)


Below is a selection of the variety of projects I have worked on for clients.




Production Manager

Carl Carni “On 2 Me” music video from WDF TWO on Vimeo.


Self shooting Director



Gendo – ING “Future of Wealth” from WDF TWO on Vimeo.

Self shooting Director

Accelerator 2010 from WDF TWO on Vimeo.

London Met Entrepreneurs School For Start Ups from WDF TWO on Vimeo.

Urban Music Awards 2010 – Behind The Scenes from WDF Productions on Vimeo.

Camera Operator

Metro Urban Eye Conference from Kash on Vimeo.

Vegan Christmas Dinner from WDF TWO on Vimeo.

Smoked Tofu Pate from WDF TWO on Vimeo.

Spinach & Onion Tofu Scramble from WDF TWO on Vimeo.



And so it begins…


Today’s date 12.12.12  is special as it is the last time we will have a repetitive date this century. So today I have decided to celebrate by publicly launching my production company Beyond Mirrors, which I have been quietly working on behind the scenes since March.

As stated on the Beyond Mirrors website;

‘Mankind has always had a passion for storytelling. Our ancestors used campfires and limelight, we use celluloid and pixels. Beyond Mirrors produce feature films, web serials and stage plays to carry on this fine tradition. Our aim is to entertain and inspire our audiences.’

I have had a deep passion for movies and storytelling for as long as I can remember. Fiction has been a huge part of my life and now I am committing myself to the goal of developing at least one feature film script in the new year with eyes to produce it in 2014.
2012 has been a very productive year for me, directing Andy Snowball in his award winning performance in my first professional stage play at Off Cut 2012 and producing my first feature film ‘How not to disappear completely’. So I am really excited about what 2013 has to offer and I go out boldly on my quest for new and exciting scripts. I’ll keep you posted on how I get on.

Thank you for following this blog over 2012. May 2013 bring great joy and success to you all

Peace and best wishes


Andy Snowball wins ‘best actor’ for ‘Driven’ at 2012 Off Cut Festival

Andy Snowball as Paul in 'Driven'

Andy Snowball as Paul in ‘Driven’


Written by Adam Usden

“On a lost and lonely summer’s night, a taxi driver begins his longest journey.”

Chris Carr was selected to direct ‘Driven’ as part of the 2012 Off Cut festival at the Riverside Studio. Out of the 28 plays and 120 actors, Andy Snowball the star of ‘Driven’ was voted ‘best actor’ by the festival audience. ‘Driven’ was also given a score of ‘5 out of 5’ by the theatre review site Remote Goat.

Off Cut Festival

Remote Goat Review

Feature Film: “How not to disappear completely”

How not to disappear completely

‘How not to disappear completely’ is a micro budget feature produced by Beyond Mirrors with Mountview Academy of Theatre arts.

The film follows Tom as he returns to London after running away to India following his fathers suicide. Tom catches up with the friends he left behind and enlists his best friend Sean to help him find his half sister that his father had kept a secret.

‘How not to disappear’ is now in post production and will be completed in Spring 2013

Written and Directed by Stuart Parkins
Produced by Chris Carr

I will be directing ‘Driven’ at this years Off Cut Festival at the Riverside Studio London

I have been selected by the Off Cut Festival to direct the short play ‘Driven’ by Adam Usden and it will star Andy Snowball.

In the Off Cut festivals own words:

‘Off Cut brings the best of Britain’s new and undiscovered writing, acting and directing talent to the stage. It is a celebration of short form theatre in its own right, and places the audience at the very heart of the theatrical experience.’

28 New plays will be up for the vote including ‘Driven’. Please come along and support the festival.

‘Driven’ will be on 26th, 28th, 30th September at 7.30 and on 29th September at 3pm

You can book tickets here:

The Doorkeeper – an adaptation of Kafka’s The Trial

I have been working with a group of wonderful actors as Co-Director on a short play called ‘The Doorkeeper’ which is an adaptation of Kafka’s ‘The Trial’. The play is approximately an hour long and we will perform it on:

Tue August 14th at 6pm
Wed August 15th at 5:30pm

at ‘The Nellie Dean’ on the 1st floor. 89 Dean Street London W1D 3SU TEL: 020 7734 2572
(one block from Soho Square and roughly across the street from The Soho Theatre)